Make a difference, while making money

#becomeasoccermom: Get paid to drive kids between school, home and activities.

Why become a Soccermom?

Choose your hours

Freelance or full time: select
and apply for the jobs
that work with your personal responsibilities.

Earn fair

Our rate structure compensates you for the use of your car and your time on the road. Drivers earn from R55 per trip.

Ongoing support

Online logging, route tracking and payment management: Soccermoms enjoy ongoing
agency support.

There's an app for that


View available jobs, select and apply for the positions that work with your schedule. Once-off or recurring - you choose! Know in advance the estimated earnings, duration and route for each ride.


While on the job, trips are logged and calculated in real-time, and notifications are sent to parents - all with the tap of a button. Say goodbye to manual logs, timesheets and text messages.

instant payment

Work risk-free thanks to immediate processing of payments from clients in-app wallets to yours after each ride.

Got what it takes?

At least 21 years
or older

driving legally for at least 3 years

car not older than
10 years

formal childcare experience

Soccermom conducts intense background and reference checks on all applicants before activating your profile. We have a zero-tolerance policy for mobile use while in service.

What our Soccermoms say

Let's go...

Sign up

Complete the online registration form.

Get verified

While we verify your application, have your car inspected at DEKRA, and book your appointment for a PrDP if you don't have it yet.

Let's meet

During a virtual interview, we will run you through the ins and outs of being a Soccermom, and answer any questions you may have.

Complete training

Our online courses gives you everything you need to be a super-Soccermom.

Start Driving

Need Help?

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Something isn’t Clear?
Feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.